2017 Bands

  • JamesBrownDancePartyJB
    The James Brown Dance Party
  • DCDRB Promo
    Dean Crawford & the Dunn's River Band
  • BadInfluence
    Bad Influence
  • 2017 2 Sub Radio
    Sub Radio
  • The Herd of Main Street
    The Herd of Main Street
  • Case and Barley
    Case & Barley
  • Ocho de Bastos
    Ocho de Bastos
  • Sagamore
    Sagamore Band
  • SchoolofRockBaltimore
    School of Rock Baltimore


2017 Reisterstown Festival Lineup






The James Brown Dance Party (8-10pm)

The Funkiest All-Star Tribute in Show Business



Dean Crawford & the Dunn's River Band  (2:30-4:15pm)



Bad Influence (6:15-7:45pm)


2017 2 Sub Radio

Sub-Radio (12:45-2:15pm)


Ocho de Bastos

Ocho de Bastos (4:30-6pm)



School of Rock Baltimore House Band (11-12:30pm)





StewBone (3:45-5pm)



The Herd of Main Street (2:15-3:30pm)


Case and Barley

Case & Barley (12:45-2pm)



The Sagamore Band (11:30-12:30pm)



 Please know and respect the following policies and laws when enjoying the Reisterstown Festival:

No illegal drugs, outside alcohol or coolers (except small coolers required for medical reasons or infants, and those authorized for Festival operations or vendor usage) are permitted anywhere in Hannah More Park.

Alcoholic beverages may be purchased at the Beer Garden with proper ID (Age 21+ only) but ALL drinks must remain inside the Beer Garden.

If you choose to drink alcohol, please drink responsibly, and arrange a designated driver or other safe transportation plan when leaving.

No alcoholic beverage consumption is permitted anywhere else in Hannah More Park or in nearby public areas.  

These alcohol/drug policies will be strictly enforced by Festival Staff, Security, and law enforcement.  Anyone violating these rules may be asked to leave or could be subject to arrest. 

Hannah More Park is a smoke-free Baltimore County park.

Sodas, water, and other non-alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase at multiple locations onsite. If it's hot, please remember to drink plenty of water or other non-alcoholic beverages to avoid heat-related illness or exhaustion)

Tents will be provided in the Beer Garden. Unless there is rain, personal tents and umbrellas may only be used if they do not obstruct other people's view of any stages.  Unless they can be kept very low in height and non-obstructive, usage of these is recommended outside the stage/audience areas due to the likelihood of causing obstructions.  Please be very careful if you must use stakes or any ground mounting for them - there are sprinkler systems onsite.

Feel free to bring personal folding chairs or blankets for your group.  There are also tables and chairs provided.

In the unfortunate event that lightning is seen or thunder is heard, for everyone's safety, there will be a stage announcement that all Festival activities are being temporarily suspended, and the lower field and all open areas will be cleared for 30 minutes.  This 30 minute period is restarted if lightning is seen again.  Lightning can be sudden and deadly so for your safety and the sake of others, please do not ignore these announcements and remain exposed to harm in the open. Festival patrons will be allowed to seek safe cover in the Hannah More School gym (up the hill from the Main Stage) and/or may go to their vehicles until the weather clears and an announcement of resumption is made.

Thank you for your cooperation!


The Reisterstown Festival thanks all our sponsors for helping to support local live music.